#392 – Laurens Swinkels, Robeco – The Global Market Portfolio, (Realistic) Expected Returns & Global Factor Premiums

62 minutes

Today’s guest is Laurens Swinkels, Robeco’s Head of Quant Strategy and one of my favorite authors.

In today’s episode, we walk through some of Laurens’ favorite research. We begin with the global market portfolio, how it’s evolved over time and where crypto fits in today. Then we talk about his research on factor performance dating back to the 19th century.

We also cover his framework for determining expected returns for all major asset classes and why he and his team decided to include climate change in that analysis for the first time this year.

Be sure to stick around until the end when we touch on sin stocks, ESG, and even the tokenization of real estate and other assets.


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  • (1:35) – Intro
  • (2:20) – Welcome to our guest, Laurens Swinkels
  • (3:57) – Laurens' research on the global market portfolio (papers here and here)
  • (11:15) – Link to Laurens’ research
  • (15:00) – Where does crypto fit in the global market portfolio?
  • (21:22) – Laurens’ research on global factor premiums since 1800 (link)
  • (28:09) – How investors should think about factor investing
  • (31:15) – Laurens’ research into sustainable investing, ESG and sin stocks
  • (42:38) – Robeco’s huge report on expected returns
  • (52:18) – Other areas Laurens is researching
  • (55:37) – Laurens' most memorable investment over his career

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