#383 – Mike Dudas, 6th Man Ventures – Investing in Web3 & The Metaverse While Launching LinksDAO

63 minutes

In episode 383, we welcome our guest, Mike Dudas, founder and General Partner of 6th Man Ventures, which focuses on investing in Web3 infrastructure and the metaverse.  His previous experience at Disney, Google and Venmo gives him a unique perspective on these areas.

In today’s episode, we have a primer on Web3 from someone who’s deploying over $100 million into the space over the next few years. We start with an overview of stablecoins and their role in Web3. Then we get into NFTs and how they relate to DAO’s – decentralized autonomous organizations. We even hear how Mike helped launch LinksDAO, which raised over $10 million in 48 hours with the goal of creating one of the world’s greatest golf clubs.

As we wind down, we hear about some existing portfolio names and why Mike is bullish on the metaverse.

  • (0:39) – Intro
  • (1:24) - Welcome to our guest, Mike Dudas
  • (2:29) - Early career at Disney, Google and Venmo
  • (9:14) - Working for Paxos
  • (12:30) - Overview of Web3
  • (15:49) - Overview of stablecoins & their importance
  • (25:45) - Overview of NFTs
  • (29:36) - Mike’s involvement with LinksDAO
  • (40:20) - The possibility of a DAO buying a professional sports team
  • (45:45) - The focus of his firm, 6th Man Ventures
  • (49:25) - Some cool companies he’s invested in
  • (55:23) - The biggest thing he wants to see come to fruition in 2022
  • (57:59) - Learn more about Mike; Twitter @mdudas; 6thman.ventures


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