#356 – Jim Paulsen, The Leuthold Group - The Wildcard Is Inflation and Whether It’s Truly Transitory

49 minutes

In episode 356, we welcome our guest, Jim Paulsen, Chief Investment Strategist of The Leuthold Group, an independent investment research firm. 


In today’s episode, we’re talking markets with someone who’s been at it for over 30 years. Jim explains why the shift from a depressionary bust to a post-war boom last year was unlike anything he’s seen. Then we talk about where current sentiment is and how investors are positioned. Finally, Jim walks through his framework for analyzing whether inflation is truly transitory and what he expects to happen as the Fed continues to taper.


Be sure to stick around and hear where Jim thinks you should and shouldn’t be invested if we experience a market pullback.    


Please enjoy this episode with The Leuthold Group’s Jim Paulsen.  




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